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If you are like us, you are curious and you love learning new things. We know that you’ll have questions about us and we want to answer as many as we can. That is why we have put this page together for you, hopefully you can find out a lot here.

Who works for Little Valley Bakery? 

The Little Valley Bakery is a small operation with a lot of passion. It is run and powered by a lot of hard work, determination and enthusiasm. Tamara Williams is the owner and baker-in-chief and is helped out by her partner.

 Why are you called an artisan bakery? 

The word artisan usually refers to a skilled worker and one who works primarily with their hands. We are called an artisan bakery because we make delicious handmade bread (even the mixing).

 Why handmade bread? 

We do this so we stay in touch with the quality of our bread and we can ensure its quality. Get a good feel for the dough and how much work it needs as well. 

Where are you based/How do you operate?


We're based at our little bakery in Parkmill valley. We operate throughout the week, through wholesale deliveries to Swansea cafe's, coffee shops and eateries and we open a shop every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
We also open longer for special occasions and school holidays.

 What is Real Bread/Why make it/What is the Real Bread Campaign? 

Real Bread is what it says. It is real bread and certainly not the highly processed stuff that you find in most supermarkets.

What is sourdough bread? 

Please follow the link to find out more (Link coming soon). 

Where do you get your ingredients/Who are your suppliers? 

Please follow the link to find out more (Link coming soon).



What if I am gluten intolerant?

We d produce a great little gluten free loaf of bread, so why not come down and try it.


How long does the bread last?

We strongly believe in good food and real bread. We will never add any unnatural preservatives to our produce; because of this the shelf life of our bread is shorter than a supermarket loaf. We advise to eat the bread within two to four days for best taste and a few days longer if using for toast. Additionally freezing the bread works fine.