Shop Opening times: Thursday, Friday & Saturday ONLY 08:30 - SOLD OUT (15:00 - 17:00)
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Our menu

We’re a small scale bakery but that doesn’t mean we can’t pack a punch. By offering a rolling/rotating style menu we can offer the people of Gower and Swansea good bread and delicious treats. So that means we have daily/weekly specials and exclusive products offered on different days.

We open our shop every Thursday, Friday and Saturday outside of school holidays and during school holidays we’re open every day except Sunday and Monday. From the shop you can expect:


24 hour loaf (white or wholemeal)

Sourdough (white or wholemeal)

Seeded sourdough Rye (100% rye)

Malthouse Loaf


SPECIAL LOAF - A weekly change in flavour

Ciabatta loaf 

Gluten Free Loaf


Ciabatta rolls

Crusty sourdough

Crusty white

Malthouse rolls

Brioche rolls




Cinnamon rolls

Fruity crumble pies

Cake of the Day

Olive Sticks

We don’t just offer our wares from the shop in Parkmill, we attend local markets and Food Festivals and if you’re a local business we can also supply with some delicious goodies.